Obsidian: The Amazing Properties of This Volcanic Stone

Obsidian Mask

Obsidian is an incredibly shiny after-product of a volcanic eruption, and it is often a beautiful deep black color. It’s technically a type of glass, but it is also a rock! Obsidian’s glossy surface makes it a favorite for use in jewelry and other applications. Learn more about the properties of obsidian and why it’s often the go-to choice for skincare tools!

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Properties of Obsidian

Obsidian is composed mainly of silicone dioxide. Black obsidian often contains iron as well, which is part of what gives it its coloring. In fact, while obsidian is most often associated with a deep black color, it can also contain some shades of brown, white, or green. Rarely, it can even contain other colors due to inclusions in the rock. For example, rainbow obsidian features many colors due to impurities within, and snowflake obsidian is a very interesting black obsidian with white specks that resemble snowflakes!

Obsidian can be found in most places with recent volcanic activity. In the U.S., it’s found mainly in the Western states. Obsidian has a rich history of being used for tools and weapons due to its sharpness. In fact, it’s even used in some modern medical tools because of how sharp and thin it can get! It can also be formed into smooth, rounded pieces. It’s in this cabochon-type form or in smooth, round beads that it’s often found in jewelry applications. 

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Obsidian Masks

Stone masks are an excellent addition to your skincare toolkit. Just like a weighted blanket helps you feel safe and secure enough to fully relax, a weighted mask can help calm you down after a long day and ease stress. Tension in your face can lead to fine lines and furrows in your skin. The relaxation and weight of a stone mask helps ease tension in the face and promote a more relaxed countenance, meaning it can help prevent further fine lines and wrinkles from showing up, and those that are there already can be prevented from getting worse. 

Obsidian masks take it a few steps further. Obsidian has a high density, meaning you get more bang for your buck so to speak when it comes to its weight-to-size ratio. The stones may look small, but they can be pretty weighty!

There is also something very grounding about using natural stone as a mask, as it connects you to nature and the earth. While this is true for any stone, obsidian takes it a step further, as it’s thought to help one connect with their root chakra, which also deals with our sense of safety. Finally, obsidian starts off naturally cool should you feel like a cooling treatment one day, but it also retains warmth, so it can be very comforting if heated to be used as a soothing way to wind down at the end of the day.

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